Programmatic Buying

Programmatic buying uses real time systems, rules and algorithms to automate the booking, flights, analysis and optimisation via demand side software, to target consumers with relevant experiences as they interact with a brand.

Global Demand
At AdMetrics Media, we utilise programmatic buying to direct campaigns to our own managed inventory. We interact with over 200 global Demand Partners who are looking for highly targeted geographies, vertical sectors and audiences in a brand-safe environment.

This allows advertisers to achieve their campaign objectives by providing a bespoke tailored solution. Each advertiser has different metrics that determine the success of their campaign and by using a targeted and managed approach we are able to provide audience targeting at scale.

Our Publishers benefit from a mixture of programmatic buying and direct campaigns by providing some of the highest Fill Rates in the industry – over 95%. This is combined with an uplift in the value of their inventory from remnant, or poor performing inventory to non-guaranteed premium, which quite simply means higher CPM rates. This is all achieved without channel conflict or disrupting existing advertiser relationships.