AdMetrics Media wants to collaborate with large Publisher owned and operated websites and Networks specialising in Premium websites.

We have integrated world-class, best-of-breed, ad-serving technology for each of the Display, Video and Mobile models, which means that each technology is dedicated to bringing the best results for each discipline.

Global coverage
We serve CPM Premium Brands to websites in all countries in their local language. Our platforms connect Publishers and Networks with global Real-time bidding (RTB) Exchanges and Direct Campaigns using intelligent algorithms and yield optimisation. This means that quality Display, Video and Mobile ads can be acquired through RTB and displayed on your website through any IAB banner placement, automatically.

Higher CPMs
Because each impression is purchased in a competitive environment of global buyers, a higher CPM rate is bid for each impression. This has the effect of creating higher CPM rates for both Premium and Remnant inventory thereby increasing the entire inventory value proposition.

High Fill Rates
Because of our association with leading Demand Partners, AdMetrics Media is able to achieve high Fill Rates of over 95%. The proposition to Publishers then is very attractive in terms of the overall revenue that is generated across their inventory portfolio.