AdMetrics Media is a UK Digital Media Company with a global reach. Using Audience Targeting, we take digital campaigns from Advertisers and Agencies and distribute them across a range of carefully selected Publisher websites to reach consumers with relevant, targeted content.

Company history
AdMetrics Media was founded and created in 2010 from a desire to create a forward-looking media company that leveraged the Internet with best of breed solutions. After a period of due dilgence, AdMetrics Media was able to take advantage of the rapidly changing digital advertising paradigm and provide top tier solutions. Since it's inception, AdMetrics Media has undergone substantial growth of around 300% per annum and is set to continue this success. 

The AdMetrics Media network is available to companies wishing to extend their marketing reach across the spectrum of advertising mediums; from Display and Rich Media through Video, Social Media and Mobile. This gives Advertisers a complete set of marketing solutions to distribute their branding messages, initiate leads and generate sales.

For Publishers, AdMetrics Media serves as a strategic partner, offering sources of revenue from a rich selection of Display, Video and Mobile CPM campaigns. Through Yield Optimisation and the global Real Time Bidding (RTB) ecosystem AdMetrics Media helps Publishers maximise their CPM and Fill Rates on website inventory.

Our intelligent technology underpins every campaign and makes advertising easy. By using behavioural, re-targeting and demographic measurements, together with optimisation technology, Advertisers and Publishers can maximise their ROI on fully targeted campaigns. Furthermore we provide transparency by giving you the ability to monitor your inventory and campaigns in real-time and generate granular reports.

Intelligent marketing
We believe in long-term relationships, which is why we work on measureable results. Our consulting, client management and support all reflect that we engage with you together for a winning result.