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Online advertising

Audience Targeting represents the next paradigm in online advertising. The combination of high-speed data calculations, combined with laser-sharp impression targeting, means that only impressions that represent a high value audience are targeted and served, for maximum results.

Powered by industry leading platforms, AdMetrics Media is able to offer Advertisers tailor-made online campaigns with dynamic decision-making and a single interface for universal access to the global Real Time Bidding (RTB) Exchanges and Aggregators. This is based on a global cloud infrastructure, scalable to billions of ad impressions a day.

By reaching the target audience with precision and scale at optimum cost, this has the advantage of giving Advertisers a powerful and unprecedented online marketing strategy with yields of 2-5 times better than conventional methods.

Optimising campaigns

AdMetrics Media use sophisticated tools to achieve optimum results from premium and remnant inventory on Exchanges and direct inventory.

We use a combination of data and advanced statistical analytics to understand which impressions are truly valuable to buyers. We do this by employing sophisticated bid optimisation algorithms to value impressions and find effective impressions that are worth the most to a buyer.

The net result is that both brand and direct-response buyers implementing their premium buys through this process, are able to dramatically improve the performance of premium media.

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